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HealingWellCov_8-16The transformation that has occurred in women's lives during the past three decades has brought new opportunities and challenges. Many of us struggled to achieve success and recognition in the business, professional, and corporate world. We made the heroine's journey in a Man's World, and we learned and adapted to the rules of the game set by men. This progress has come with a price tag—a disconnection from our hearts and souls as women. Generally this phenomenon has been recognized as the "wounded feminine" at midlife. During this stage many of us search for deeper meaning to make sense of our past and to inspire us into the future.

The Healing Well is a personal story of Sumedha Khannas’ midlife transition from being a successful in a "man's world" to becoming whole as a woman. It is a story of her wounded feminine, and how she was able to reunite her masculine and her feminine into a complete self. Her transformational journey took her through uncharted territory during which she questioned the price of the success, and how to retrieve her soul. While searching for her own healing, she created the Healing Well, a center of integral health for women in her community, dedicated to women in their midlife and beyond where they could gather to explore and share their life stories and bring healing to themselves and each other.

Women are wells of wisdom, knowledge, creativity, imagination, love, patience, and power. We have taken many different paths in our lives, yet our inner well of wisdom has always guided us toward our deeper selves. The well of wisdom within us is clamoring to spring forth with the depth of knowledge necessary to heal and sustain the world. We can heal the world's wounds through embracing our soulful, purposeful life, by sharing our stories and wisdom, and by creating nurturing sanctuaries in our homes and communities. This is the message and challenge of The Healing Well. May the book inspire you on your healing journey.

Reader Comments

I love this book. It arouses emotions and questions about our mid-life passage. I will sell it in my store. —Kathleen Susan Kopfer, Owner of the Sea Trader

Sumedha’s writing is beautiful and her book is a substantial contribution to women going through their own transformational journeys. —Maureen Murdock, The Heroine's Journey

The Healing Well is a powerful book. Its message grows in spirals, looping and threading the personal through a tapestry of ideas. While reading Sumedha’s book I felt as though I was taken by the hand and led into deeper and deeper insights. —Linda Lambert, Women's Ways of Leading

In her personal, forthright way, Sumedha Khanna tells us how she rose to a pre-eminent position in the World Health, a feminine pioneer in an extremely male world. Her dedication to the healing of women across international borders inspires us and her devotion to the emotional and spiritual growth of all women touches us. — Judith Duerk, Circle of Stones

What a fine piece of work! Sumedha’s vision is truly formidable. As I read The Healing Well I was inspired to complete a full page of writing for a current project of my own. My participation in Sumedha’s Healing Well groups opened the door of my consciousness while I was gathering myself to emerge into a new season of my life. —Ruth Hynds, Artist and Co-counselor

The Healing Well put the last decade of my own life into perspective. I followed Sumedha on her midlife journey into the books, workshops, and ideas that supported her into wholeness. I finally understood what had happened in my body, mind, and spirit, and Sumedha's words and stories blessed me with healing that reached back to the menopausal depression and midlife floundering of the past decade. —Patricia Lynn Reilly, Words Made Flesh


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