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Sumedha Khanna, MD is an obstetrics/gynecology and public health physician, specializing in women's health programs, national family planning policies and programs, safe motherhood strategies, leadership training for public health and integral health practices. Sumedha worked for more than 25 years with the World Health Organization, consulting on public health in over 60 countries throughout the world.

Sumedha_PhotoSumedha founded the Healing Well in Gualala, California as a consulting and information center dedicated to promoting women's health in mid-life and beyond. Sumedha counsels individuals and women's groups about healing options and integrating body/mind/spirit practices into daily life. Currently, Sumedha is working with a group of women 60 years old and beyond. The group, called "Sisters of the Third Journey," explores lifestyles and choices that support women to remain vital and purposeful until the end of their lives.

Participant Comments

Arriving in Gualala River area in 1992, we had left long time friends behind. The area is paradise for both of us, but we missed our coffee shop friends and colleagues. For me, other than the small bookstore, there was little intellectual stimulation or intimacy. However when Sumedha opened the Healing Well, that soon changed. She facilitated women's circles that led to meaningful activities, stimulation, and discussions about topics of interest to all of us. Personal experiences and views were openly expressed and welcomed. Close relationships grew as we journeyed forth. The gap was finally filled and my emotional and spiritual needs were met in the company of wonderful women. —Roberta Armenta, Teacher and Healing Well Participant

In1998, when the Healing Well opened, I came together with a group of women, some familiar, some unknown to me, to enter into...what? I didn't know. We danced around a candled sculpture of terracotta figures whose hands were joined in celebration of joyous union, contemplation, and private devotion. That sculpture came to symbolize what the group would come to mean. I did not miss a single meeting. Unknowingly, I was in preparation for a major change. My husband's failing health prompted our relocation from the North Coast of California to Boise, Idaho. Now eleven years later, those circling figures continue to evoke joy when I see that sculpture in the entryway to Sumedha's home. I've moved into a new season of life, but I know that the Healing Well aided me in arriving where I find myself now, and I am grateful. —Ruth Hynds, Artist and Healing Well Participant


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