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In the past two decades of my life, I have learned many new things. It was a crucial time for me at my midlife transition. I feel compelled to share this period of my life’s journey with other women entering or far along their midlife journey.

Because we live in an age where global sharing is possible, it is my intention that this website provide an online meeting place for us to identify with each other's midlife challenges and be inspired by our midlife adventures of body, mind, and spirit.

Tell your midlife stories. Share midlife resources. Be inspired by the words of our foremothers who have left bread crumbs and candy kisses to escort us along the way.

I dedicate my first book, The Healing Well, and this website, which the book inspired, to my mother who gave me the most powerful message at my birth, “You will be better than a thousand sons," and to the wonderful women who have inspired and supported me on my life journey.

Midlife Blessings, Sumedha Khanna



The Healing Well
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Four-Eyed Frog Bookstore                                  Gualala, California on Nov. 12, 2011 at 4pm

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